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Giving Back

   I know it been two week and a few days... and I apologize for that... but you will understand later.

(Plus if you see grammar errors, it's 4:30 in the morning. I'm still half asleep. Trying to get back to sleep).

   About two weekend ago was the 911 Memorial (it been 15 years?!?!), so I decided to give that weekend a moment of silence and reflection. This past Friday came along, and I had a blank monitor. Not knowing what to talk about, or comment about. 

   So as time kept ticking away, selfie after selfies on my personal and business social media account it came to me. 

   That same weekend, I did something, I been doing for awhile. Helping three older men (but young in the heart). These older men's hearts and minds touch me in so many ways. They was always there, in forum to give me wisdom.  So when it came to paying it back, I did! 

      Anyone who knows me already. Knowing what I do besides this business, and to give up my days off in this crazy south Florida weather. Not to mention... giving up time to marketing, networking, and other strategies says a lot.

    So when you take that next selfie ask yourself. Who or what do you see? Because when I look at the  mirror/selfie I see a man who's making a change, and giving back!

Giving back.... sneaking over, to do there yard work for them! 

Giving back.... sneaking over, to do there yard work for them!