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What Sue Bryce, and La China have in common with LL Studio 2069?

About two weeks ago, I took a chance to grow as a photographer. The legendary Sue Bryce and her team was having a Folio Critique. To tell you the truth,  I was scared to death about the outcome.  It was surprisingly amazing what Sue Bryce had to say..I am beyond amazed and grateful. Below is her critique of my works: 

        "8 out of 10"

"Professional Standard?   YES"

That's what Sue Bryce, and her team gave me. I'm so happy about this! 


Also, La China, who is an up coming latin=reggeaton /pop artist , after reviewing my work she asked LL STUDIO 2069 LLC for a personal photo shoot. La China and Steve, her manager, we're so impressed with the photos they asked us to be her official photographer. We here at LL Studio 2069 LLC are so excited for this new relationship and venture.