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The day the student become a Jedi


I wanted to say "Thank You" to Keydrin K. F., &  Manny O. for answering my questions in the past almost two years now. Also a Big thank you to Frank C.! I'm so glad we meet!  That talk  we had, about the past, at IMAGINGUSA helped me look into my past as a Artist! Also another Big Super Thanks to the Legendary Sue Bryce. For having me to get off my ass when it comes to Retouching! She gave me big respect on my style, and scored me high on everything else! Because of her, I think my retouching game just went to another level! The last and not the least..a BIG, BIG, Thank you to Francisco J. H.! "THIS GUY!!!"  I don't know where to start? 

Almost two years ago,  I got back into photography after my mom and my lady teamed up on me after seeing some of my work with a point & shoot. This is now, but before I mention that. I saw the digital age coming so I walked away... from filmstrips, painting, drawing, the darkrooms & my artwork! I was a young mad artist that felt like I lost a common connection with my father who was also into film photography.

Fast forward, after getting teamed up. This is when I met Francisco on Facebook. In another group page that was closed dealing with flash. It had negative tone about it. I always saw Francisco helping others out or giving feedback. Something happened, a big mess came about. The next thing I hear was Francisco had a closed  group page dealing with off camera flash. I knew I needed to join this group. Once accepted, I started to pick his brain. He was forthcoming with everything!

(coming from the cold war years of Photographer Secrets, this was refreshing)  He help me get my third camera after I purchase a 70D he recommend a 6D, after I ask so many questions about it!

As I sit back, watching, learning like a soon to be Jedi. I watched two people rising within the group page. Keydrin Keylo Franklin, & Manny Orti ( side note: with the three of them I called them my Three Musketeers of photography). So much so, that Manny went off to start his own closed FB page about  the same thing “lighting and portraits!” This is when you can see a person's true character, when you feel like someone is moving on your turf! Being with older photographers, Union members, etc, growing up... they would have destroyed Manny for making a move like that! But NOT Francisco, he embrace it! He join, participated, on Manny’s page. Francisco even let Manny post things that was going on this page.

Now, like any good Jedi. I feel like the Three Musketeers is no more. With Kaydrin being the middleman (seems like) between the both of them. I have my reason on why! Which I have been watching from afar like I'm Harry Potter. Watching a storm coming for Hogwarts and Professor Albus Dumbledone. It's sad it came to this! Sometimes people forget who was there for them! When they started at the bottom then they think the world see them as a superstar! I can honestly say, You have my allegiant (unless you become “The Mad King!”) Mr. Francisco...lol! I know you're good guy, but like GOT. Sometimes the good one needs a knight that is not scared to get dirt on their hands!

Thank you again Francisco Joel H.